Beyond The Fence Line

Equine Rescue

Riding & Care Program


     Beyond the Fence Line Equine Rescue provides a program of horse rescue to  provide homes for adoptable horses or retirement, for horses that we feel are best suited to stay at the center, into our riding and care program. Our riding and care program is designed to educate individuals on proper handling, riding, and caring techniques for horses. 



Dixie is a great child's mare a very good girl.  She is retiring at BTFL due to blindness and age. Update 5/31/2011:  Sadly Dixie was put down yesterday. After a harsh winter and not being able to put any weight back on Dixie we decided to let her go.  She could no longer eat hay or even grass.  We had her on senior, rice bran, beet pulp, oil, teeth floated, wormed and other items trying to put the weight on.  She was being fed 3 times a day but it just wasn't enough.  We also felt she was going blind in her good eye because she was behaving very differently, not bad, just not herself.  RIP old girl and you'll never be hungry again. Here she is on her final day.

More pictures on the Horses Past page.


DJ is a quarter horse gelding.  He was diagnosed with navicular and has undergone surgery for it.  The surgery will not last forever as the nerve in time will grow back. so DJ will retire at BTFL.  DJ was trained as a law enforcement horse but failed the gun test and was sent to a children's camp for trail rides.  He is a great fit for our riding and care program.

It is with heaviest of hearts that I inform all our followers, friends, adoptors, and onlookers that we had to lay our beautiful boy DJ to rest 02/06/2015 due to recurring hoof abscesses for the past 2 years, finally blowing out the entire sole and frog.  He had severe rotation and the lining of the coffin bone was protruding through the sole.  As hard as I tried along with my farrier and the advice of Great Lakes Equine Wellness Center, I could no longer save him, he needed to be set free of his pain......RIP sweet boy, there will never be another one like you.  01/20/1994 - 02/06/2015