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 Lucky was a rescued wonderful and gentle PMU Mare.  She had overgrown flat feet due to the conditions that PMU mares live under and suffered from arthritis.  She sadly passed due to cancer at the age of 21. 

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

The Bitter Battle, (EIA)Postivie Coggins. You will be forever missed Tigger and Sassy.  


 See this story here 


 Juba Girl

 Juba came to us in 2005 in awful shape, at the age of 23.  She was being pushed around in a pasture with 17 other horses that wouldn’t let her eat. 

I’m sorry to say that the Redgranite Labor Day Parade in 2008 was Juba’s last parade.  After having to help Juba up twice during the winter and watching her limp around the paddock that dreadful decision was made and she was humanely euthanized on January 30, 2009.



Sadly Dixie had seen better days last summer.  Winter was very harsh and we just couldn't find the way back for her. She was put down May 30, 2011.  She was thought to be around 25 years old.  She was a real babysitter. Very well broke.  We will miss her.

 Dixie & my grandson Kannon (maybe 4 years old).  She taught him how to trot!


 Dave riding Dixie in her last Labor Day Parade.  2010


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