Penny Lane Penny Lane Arrived 7/30/2010 Penny Lane very well cared for all her life. 133339557 Penny Lane Getting used to being back in the saddle. 133339558 Penny Lane Ashley starting out with just putting weight on Penny 133339559 Penny Penny showed she was farely comfortable having a rider on her back again after years of not being ridden. Ashley rides her here without any problems. 133339560 ADOPTION DAY Penny Lane has been adopted with Big Red. Thank you Carolyn 133339556 Penny Lane In her new home. 133339555 Penny With her adopter Carolyn & Ashley waiting to get in the trailer 133340052 Big Red Red had lameness issues but Carolyn took him home with her. 133340054 Big Red (arrived 8/2010) 133340055 ADOPTION DAY Penny Lane & Big Red loaded and ready to leave for their new home. Thank you Carolyn 133340053