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Weekend Scare - - 2 horses Colic!

Posted by mapom on May 23, 2011 at 8:38 PM

Arrived at the farm around 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Drove straight back by the campers to put clothes in camper for the weekend. Noticed Thunder laying down, called his name, of course he got up right away, didn't think anything of it. Got busy doing chores, lady came to see Razzy, Dave & I went out for lunch. Got back here's Thunder laying down behind the shelter, he got up, laid inside the shelter, up again and back down again. Okay this is NOT right, got his halter & lead and proceeded to do the best thing I've ever known for a colicing horse, WALK. Worked him in the round pen Dave worked him harder. Still kept trying to lay down. Called the vet. She came, was just in Wautoma anyways, so didn't take too long. Gets there Thunder's heart rate is very fast, temp 100(average). Decided to tube him and he had all kinds of crap come out. Then pumped him full of mineral oil. We're watching him, suddenly heard a noise by Simba, I've heard it before, he got his foot in the trough we put the hay in, so I didn't think anything of it. Then he's tearing around like a crazed colt. He lays down in the doorway of the stall, gets up lays down inside the stall, he's kicking and throwing himself down, so here we go again, what are the chances? OMG We get in there vet gives him one pain shot and Simba does NOT react at all, still trying to get away from me, rearing, kicking, wants to just go, so she quickly gives him another half dose and FINALLY he settles down enough. She tubes him, not so full like Thunder but he's still fighting the tube. He's obviously in more pain and discomfort than Thunder was in. Got Thunder in the barn for the night. He's also dehydrated. Checked before bed and everyone was still good. Got up this morning and big poop in by Simba & Thunder. Thunder still hadn't drank any of the water we put in for him. Gave them both just a little hay Simba seems fine but Thunder not so fine. He's sluggish and just not himself quite yet. After farrier came he checked and huge poop and Thunder's much more active and alert, head up instead of hanging to the ground. So him and DJ are talking all afternoon. Vet said to keep Thunder quiet and if necessary put him back in herd. So with DJ stressing & Thunder answering his every call, I had no choice, didn't want DJ to colic on top of the two already! So put Thunder out and he rolls of course but gets right back up. Then I see he's laying down again, I'm thinking OMG this is too much but he gets up, still not himself. He's walking the fenceline, he hasn't done that in a very long time. He's chasing the other horses even DJ this is not him either but I had to get home and do laundry for work and all. I think he'll be okay. I'm going to have someone check on him later tonight to see if he's down or what he's doing.

UPDATE:  5/23/11 Both horses are doing very well.  What a scare!

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