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Basics about BTFL and what we do

Posted by BTFL on May 17, 2011 at 4:17 PM

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a few things with you. Recently I responded to an email from someone looking to purchase a horse.  I told them about a few we have and his response surprised me somewhat. He said he would not adopt because if he's a trainer & if he works with the horse and finds it isn't a good fit, then returns it, we are making a profit and with the donations we get in, and this is all tax deductible forus, he just won't do that cause he'd be out the money and time and the horse.  I'm not sure why a trainer would need to return a horse if it doesn't fit, if he works with it properly why would it not become a good fit in time?

I'm not sure how many of you agree with this but let me explain a few things. 

First off we are NOT 501C yet so we do not get tax deductions.  We haven't received ANY donations except those we received for Simba's surgery last year and a few non monetary donations.  However, we have received hay donations from a very dear friend (thanks Denise).  Everything we do comes out of our own pockets and we are simple people, like most of you, living from pay check to pay check.  We do NOT make  profit when horses are here for months at a time without having any finding good homes.  When they have been here for 2-3 or more months, the adoption fees are much less than the cost we incurred during their stay. 

Some examples.  Justice, our very first horse & Hope.... Justice had to have his hooves trimmed ($25) he also needed to be gelded ($150). He was well fed for many months because of his condition. He was with us from June 2010 until March of this year. When we were getting his weight up he was eating 6-10 lbs of senior feed per day (12.99/50lbs), 2 small scoops of rice bran ($31/50 lb), 4-5 small scoops of beet pulp (11.99/50lb), weight builder ($19.99/32 day supply), 2 cups of corn oil and free choice hay.  This regimen continued for several months.  With Hope, although she went straight into foster care, her foster home had to have the vet out with the farrier because obviously she had never been trimmed in her life and needed tranquilizers in order to get her hooves done.  She was also on senior feed and weight builder.

We have only taken back one horse so far and were able to find him a different home but if this is considered a profit, the others outweigh this profit.

Take Sinbad the bay Arabian.  When loading him, he got hurt and we needed the vet out for stitches. Simba the blind colt had very extensive eye exams.  Big Red was adopted for no adoption fee and he had a lamness exam.  Bently had a chiropractic exam. Most of the horses that came in had to be wormed, teeth floated, and farrier work right away.  Trainers had to work with most of the horses, this was paid for by us. 

I'm not complaining, I love this, it gives me a purpose.  The horses are all special in their own ways and have specific needs of their own.  We do what we can for each case and the outcome is our reward, its not about the money to us but those fees help care for the ones still here with us and those to come, those waiting in line patiently for an opening.

If anyone has any questions or wants to talk with some of the families about how the adoptions went or how the surrender went, please feel free to contact me.  We try to make surrenders as easy as possible for the owners.  Some have taken good care of their horses but for whatever the reason turned to us for help.


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