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A true story of Char and her Adopter Brennan

Posted by BTFL on November 16, 2013 at 4:35 PM


My son out grew his pony and we were looking for a step up for him. We decided to go to our local horse rescue Beyond the Fence Line horse rescue and adopt. My son fell in love with Kolt (known there as Char) and they were a match made in heaven. We took Kolt to Pella this year (which we only had Kolt a few months). This would be the first time my son would take her into the river. Neither my son nor the horse were familiar with the river depths or current and they ended up both going under. My son Brennen did the right thing and immediately got off of Kolt and held onto the saddle horn. Kolt was holding her head above the water so Brennen thought he was able to swim back into the saddle not knowing how deep it was and that Kolt was standing and balancing on her hind quarters, so once he mounted back into the saddle Kolt went back under. A friend took his horse closer and tried to grab Kolts reins (which were the single barrel reins) and tried to pull them both to safety. Kolt began to panic and thrash about and ended up getting her leg caught in the reins so she was pulling her own head down trying to swim. In the mean time she got Brennen to a tree that had fallen over the river. After she knew he was safely hanging onto the tree she went under again. It seemed like eternity til she popped back up. It took 4 men to get her to the shore where she laid catching her breath for quite a few minutes. Brennen finally got to her and gave her a huge hug. That day that horse we adopted from the rescue had saved my sons life! That is a bond that will never be broken. He loves that horse and i know she loves him back just the same. They saved each other! To this day, there is such a trust between the two of them and a love that will never be broken. There is no place on Gods green earth that they don't ride together. Yes, they both still love to ride in the water.



By: Katye Mlissa Stilen

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