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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on December 22, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I just wanted to give you an update on how I am doing.  I have a new girlfriend.  Her name is April.  She is kinda bossy, but then my Dad says, most women are like that.  My mom needs surgery, so riding is out for us.  She still plays tag with me and plays hide and seek with the cookies.  I have a new shelter build my Dad.  It is so great!!!

I will send pictures soon!

My life is forever blessed by Marg and the rest of you!  Mom is putting in a dedication to Beyond the Fence in her book she is getting published!

Please accept this small donation for me.  I would not be so loved and happy if it was not for Beyond the Fence!!

You are truly angels in our lives

Blessings and Merry Christmas

JAG, Mary Ellen and Mike

A true story of Char and her Adopter Brennan

Posted by BTFL on November 16, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)


My son out grew his pony and we were looking for a step up for him. We decided to go to our local horse rescue Beyond the Fence Line horse rescue and adopt. My son fell in love with Kolt (known there as Char) and they were a match made in heaven. We took Kolt to Pella this year (which we only had Kolt a few months). This would be the first time my son would take her into the river. Neither my son nor the horse were familiar with the river depths or current and they ended up both going under. My son Brennen did the right thing and immediately got off of Kolt and held onto the saddle horn. Kolt was holding her head above the water so Brennen thought he was able to swim back into the saddle not knowing how deep it was and that Kolt was standing and balancing on her hind quarters, so once he mounted back into the saddle Kolt went back under. A friend took his horse closer and tried to grab Kolts reins (which were the single barrel reins) and tried to pull them both to safety. Kolt began to panic and thrash about and ended up getting her leg caught in the reins so she was pulling her own head down trying to swim. In the mean time she got Brennen to a tree that had fallen over the river. After she knew he was safely hanging onto the tree she went under again. It seemed like eternity til she popped back up. It took 4 men to get her to the shore where she laid catching her breath for quite a few minutes. Brennen finally got to her and gave her a huge hug. That day that horse we adopted from the rescue had saved my sons life! That is a bond that will never be broken. He loves that horse and i know she loves him back just the same. They saved each other! To this day, there is such a trust between the two of them and a love that will never be broken. There is no place on Gods green earth that they don't ride together. Yes, they both still love to ride in the water.



By: Katye Mlissa Stilen

Our Biggest Rescue Yet

Posted by BTFL on September 7, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (3)

The start of this huge rescue started when I received this email plea for help on August 24th, 2012.....

Yesterday I stumbled upon a neglect situation with approximately 25 or more mini horses, mini donkeys, and 1 Morgan stallion. According to the owner, 10 of these animals are stallions that  he keeps, 24/7, tied to a bar with a very short rope or chain(maybe a foot long, if that) or in a small stall with NO water and most without food. The Morgan had straw-like hay that he wasn’t eating. The man said the stallion was 20 and that he couldn’t keep weight on him. (I’m guessing he wasn’t eating due to lack of teeth care, based on the neglectful conditions I saw.) At least two of the stallions had overgrown hooves that had not been cared for in some time. The man said he couldn’t keep up with them – he does them himself – and he refused the offer of my friend to help him do the trimming right then and there. “Liability”, he said; a legitimate claim. When asked about the water – there was a half barrel of muddy brown water behind one of the mini donkey stallions – the man said he took them out once a day to get a drink. There were no open windows or fans in the barn. Outside there were two groups of animals in the pasture. Both groups were a mix of mini mares – horses and donkeys - with their still nursing-aged babies tagging along behind. As we began to go out into the pasture to look at them, they started coming in. Several mares had overgrown hooves as well and all had big round bellies from not being wormed. Many, especially the babies, had matted twisted knots of hair full of burrs. My friend tried to pick up an overgrown hoof of one of the mommy donkeys. The donkey pulled it away.

At the fence line, (the one with the gate having broken and twisted, rusty bars with sharp ends), was another group of mini mamas and their babies. Two of the little horses were a bit bigger than the others – closer to Shetland size. The man told us that the mare was half Haflinger and the other, her yearling, was the daughter of the Morgan stallion. Her and her younger brother from this year were “already sold” he said. The younger brother was laying in their straw-like “food” taking a nap next to mom as she ate the “hay”.

While my friend and I inquired about a mom and colt pair we carefully slipped in questions about care, how did he come by so many animals, how did he manage to take care of so many, what would have to be done to fix the feet, offers of help from a rescue we knew in the area, etc. It was quickly evident that people with rescue in mind had approached him and “pestered [him] all the time”. “They [were] better off here than dumped on the road” he said. People just didn’t want them anymore and would come “drop them off” or ask him to take them. When we threw out $100 as an offer for a pair he said he wanted $150. Later he said he would take $3000 for the lot of them. We asked if he had enough hay for the winter. We had already guessed the answer.

Later, when speaking to the police officer taking our report, I realized that he was blowing me off before I even finished my first sentence. I’m sure that you folks have seen plenty of situations like this and much, much worse. I’m sure that you have been even more frustrated than I felt after speaking to the officer and the local Humane Society. I’m also very aware that rescues are already struggling to find enough hay for the animals you already have. It had been my intention to adopt a horse this year. My husband and I have spent the summer building a barn and we are still putting up fencing. Then, I went to this man’s farm. I’m not asking you to rescue them. What I am asking for is advice and help getting the word out to the horse community to not give this man any more animals. And to help me find homes for them. I am in no position to care for all of them either, even if I could come up with the $3000. I can go and save two of them. I will have to give up my dream of having a trail horse but I feel this is more important. My friend, who already has 3 rescued goats, two rescued dogs, one rescued mini and numerous rescued cats besides feeding and caring for feral cats, has no means to take in yet another. However, she has found someone who would pay for the half Haflinger mare and take her. We can’t go in one at a time and purchase them because that will just encourage him to keep breeding them. I’m hoping that with your help and that of horse people we know that we can find enough folks willing and able to take and care for one or two. As a group, we scrape together what we can; we buy him out; and we get the word out NOT to give him ANY MORE!!! This probably sounds incredibly naïve and silly to you who have already been trying so hard to save as many as you can for so many years. I certainly understand if you are unable to help find homes and appreciate all that you already do.

Thank you.


Hello Everyone

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on August 20, 2012 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well the heat has past and Mom is busy keeping me happy, active, and healthy.  I have had to teach her how to use her seat and leg yields again, as I respond much better to them .  My mom says it makes her legs sore but she is not pulling with that darn bit in my mouth.  I am getting use to it though.

Mom and I have a new game we play.  It is called TAG.  She says I it and then I follow her sometimes walking, other times trotting and yes even cantering.  I stop when mom stops and then I get a cookie.  I do not understand how I am always it though.

I am not liking the hay due to the weather, but mom makes sure I get extra vitamins and nice lawn grass after I let her think she has had her way in the saddle! 

I just wanted to keep you posted.  I am never hunger, got asked if I was pregent so mom has cut back on treats, darn it anyway, and safe.

Hope to come and see you all sometime and show you what I have taught Mom.

Will send pictures later

Blessings and thank you for finding me a forever home

Love and horse kisses to all


Hello Everyone

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on May 4, 2012 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (1)

I just had my teeth cleaned and floated on Monday April 30, 2012.  The vet said my teeth are in great shape.

She said I was looking handsome, but we all knew that, right, and full of life.

I had all my 6 months shots but I was sorta sleeping due to my teeth floating.  Mom keeps trying to help me not get so scared of things!  I am still in a silly saddle called a dressage saddle.  Actually, I think they call it a DRESSage saddle because it make me look so smart and handsome.  Mom doesn't  look too bad in it either. 

I will send pictures as soon as Mom figures out how to do that.  I just pose and look handsome.  Looking forward to seeing you all this summer if there is a fun day.

Just wanted to say I am doing well and loving life, thanks to all of you.




Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on March 3, 2012 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello everyone

As I reflect back on my last year of life, I am again thankful for all of you.  I remember this time last year being scared, hungry, afraid of human touch and feeling so cold that I felt I could have frozen in place and no one would have notice.

Now I am happy, mom says I am her shadow.  I am thankful for the blessings I am my siblings were able to recieve from BTFL rescue.  I just had my hooves done yesterday.  I am loving life again.  I never thought I could trust again.  But thanks to the many hours of love and understanding Marg gave to me, I am now able to share that trust with my mom and my girlfriend, Dance.  I am warm, safe, loved, and never, never , never hungry.  I play with mom and she is always trying new things with me.  I am not sure why, but she likes to take the lead rope all over my body very gently.  She says it is for trust issues.  I do it to make mom feel good.  She hugs me all the time and gives me kisses.  I act like I don't really carebut I DO! 

I just wanted to send everyone a thank you and give you all an update on me.  I am so thankful to all of you.  I am sure if my other four legged friend there could talk or have someone listen, they would tell you the same things.

Blessings!  You truely are part of God's wonderful miracles in this world

Love ya,



Posted by Dave on January 6, 2012 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)
My name is Dave Pommerening from Beyond The Fence Line equine rescue. I’m writing you to request a letter from you as to what a humane service my wife and I have done rescuing horses that you have adopted. Since we’ve started in June 2010 we rescued over 15 horses, nourished them back to good health, gave them some training and have adopted out to good homes. We have recently been advised by the zoning office, that we have to obtain a land use permit to continue our work rescuing horses. We are asking all that have adopted our rescue horses to send us a letter as to what a humane service we’ve done and how well we’ve taken great care of the horses. Please send your letter by 10 February 2012 to {{{#{6787E91F-6DEA-4DC8-9873-8AD2F8B03224}mid://00000002/!x-usc:mailto:[email protected]}}}[email protected]@-{{{[email protected]}}}. We will present these letters to the Leon Township to get approval for the land use permit. Thank you all and hope to continue our service in the future.
David Pommerening
Beyond The Fence Line equine rescue

Merry Christmas

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on December 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (1)

As you can see, Mom has put me in my new royal blue winter coat.  I am told that the reindeer are bringing special carrots because I have been so good!!!  My blind sister, Tanya and I are in horse haven here.  I always get extra treats, love and kisses.  I know Mom has had to let my coat out because I keep gaining weight.   I think it is the horse cookies!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sending me home to a place forever!  Mom always is telling me how special I am to her.  She is so thankful for me letting her take care of me and love me.  It isn't hard because I am so handsome!!

Please accept our gift, made through paypal, as a way to help my sister and my other friends at your place so they can have a Merry Christmas as well

Blessings and Lots of horse hugs and loves


You are Not Going To Believe This!!

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on November 19, 2011 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Hi Everyone:

I just wanted to tell you all Thank You for letting me visit with you last month.  I had a vet visit last Monday.  She is nice but she gave me shots.  Mom says they were the booster so now I am done with them for 6 months.  The vet also told Mom I AM FAT!!!  Oh my goodness, I could not believe her when she said that.  Mom says we have to cut back on cookies!!  Okay, the holidays are coming up and treat are suppose to be part of that!  Mom still gives me cookies but not as much.  Last weekend, she took me for a walk down to the great grassy area!  I loved it once we got down there, but there were just sounds and sights I did not know what to do with.  So, I leaned on Mom, and I mean leaned on Mom for support!!

My girlfriend Dance and I are doing well.  We love our palace as Mom calls it. 

Have a great Thanksgiving.  I am planning on baby carrots for my Thanksgiving dinner.  After all, I have so much too be thankful for

I am thankful for Marj and the rescue for seeing me at my worst and believing in me.  I am thankful for my second Mom (Marj will always be Mom to me) for her love, care and yes of course spoiling of me.  But most of all, I am thankful for the Creator who guides and protects us and makes miracles happen such as my finding a new Mom, and a place free from pain and hurt.  I send blessings to my other four legged friends at the rescue and know the Creator is guiding and blessing all the people that help and care for us when we are the most vulnerable!

Thanks you, Blessing and Happy Thanksgiving



Thank You

Posted by Jessica on November 15, 2011 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (1)


I just wanted to thank you again for coming to the Waushara County 4H Horse Association meeting to speak about your rescue and what is all involved.  I have already had youth come up to me asking if we will set something up this spring and do some volunteer work out by you.  If there is ever a time you guys need a helping hand, send me an e-mail and I will be glad to forward it onto our youth.  I also remember you saying you had a list of items you are looking to be donated.  I was going to look in the book but the youth seemed pretty interested in that, could you please send me that list please.


Thanks Again,


See you next Saturday

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on October 16, 2011 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone!

Mom and I have been practicing really hard to show you the new tricks I have taught her. I also have a new love I am living with.  Her naame is Dance.  She is an older woman, (35 to be exact) but she seems to dig younger handsome guys such as me!!!

So pass the word around, Jag is coming back to show everyone how easy it is to train a Mom and be so spoiled that everything I do, she praises me, usually with cookies and hugs.  I have had a body massage to get ready to see all of you!  I hate to say it but I have put on weight.  Mom says that is good for winter.  My Dance and I have are own Palace for those windy and cold days and nights.

See you next weekend!

Loves and Nays to everyone


Spirit makes A young girls DREAM COME TRUE

Posted by BTFL on October 10, 2011 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

No pictures yet but I can't wait any longer to tell you the story of Spirits adoption. Faith asked me if I would mind bringing Spirit over Saturday morning. She knew of a family looking for a horse but wanted it to be a surprise. I obliged and the plan was that the little girl was coming for a lesson to be given by Faith. The little girl (Brooklyn) was also told that we wanted to be sure this horse was good with kids. Her birthday family party was Sunday. There were 2 little boys there that walked around behind Spirit, brushed her back legs, touched her flanks, Spirit didn't twitch a muscle.

Brooklyn brushed Spirit, picked up her hooves as Spirit ground ties, and then allowed us to saddle her up. She got up by herself and rode off like nobodies business. Spirit was being kind of naughty and even threw in a tiny little buck. I don't think Spirit has ever had any legs that short on her and they were probably tickling her sides! Later she squirted so I believe she was in heat and this was the reason for the buck.

Faith decided to take Brooklyn out in the woods a little ways to see how she handled her. She did great. I do believe Faith has a few things to say about what they talked about on the short ride. Well to get past all this, Brooklyn felt pretty sure that Spirit would be perfect for small kids and so we left it at that.

Courtney & Shannon decided to take Spirit home with them and await the mothers decision, stating that Spirit would not be back if Brooklyn didn't get her, they would keep her. Pending mothers decision, Spirit would be delivered Sunday during a family birthday party for Brooklyn, a real surprise! (I believe she is 9 or 10 years old and can she ever ride!)

That evening the 2 little boys rode Spirit and everyone had a blast. Sunday morning Spirit was taken to the home of Brooklyn, Brooklyn didn't see or know that a horse trailer had driven up the driveway. She was blindfolded and brought outside. We were told that once the blindfold came off Brooklyn broke into tears, hugged everyone, then walked to Spirit and hugged her.

Spirit was saddled up and did everything Brooklyn asked her to do including a bit of trot barrels. Brooklyn's sister wanted a chance to try Spirit but she said no. Dad took care of that and big sister was allowed to ride Spirit but what we were told was that Spirit didn't do anything asked of her! Brooklyn got back on her and she did everything wonderfully once again. After riding, Spirit was turned out into the paddock and big sister decided to go out and spend time with her, Spirit wanted no part of that and proceeded to walk away from her. Brooklyn went out into the paddock and Spirit walked right up to her! The best part of it all is that the sisters decided they were sleeping in the barn with their horses. (You see, big sister already had her own horse but Brooklyn didn't yet.)

We at BTFL are so very proud of Spirit for picking her person and giving a little girl a DREAM COME TRUE.

Thank you to all involved for making this happen. (Waiting for adoption day photos)


JAG's Training

Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on October 2, 2011 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Jag has been very successful at training me with his likes and dislikes.  He also has set rules and limitations for his human adopted person.  They are as follows:

1.  NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, enter my royal area with treats.

2.  I will bow for a treat, but it better be a good treat and not some crumbs.

3.  I can move my head to both side of my body for suppleness, never did it before, because I did not have to reach for my treat that way.

4.  I can say Yes for a treat, I guess if I have too!

5.  I do not eat my grain or hay in the rain, it needs to be hand delivered into my royal quarters!

6.  I keep telling Mom ((my human) to not stop quick with me so close to her.  Sometimes she farts, then I fart, and we have the royal fart musical!

7.  My Mom wants to bring me back on your fun day on October 22nd.  I told her only for the day, I want to see my loving and wonderful other Mom who taught me to trust was not going to be painful or so much fun.  After all, who is training who here.

8.  My Mom sees me everyday.  I know I need to look exicted.   Don't tell her but I do greet her with a nicker!

9.  I am just learning that I have a sister, Tanya, to ride with.  She is a standardbred, whatever that means! But she is big!!  I have to keep my eye on her.

10.  My Mom and I have a new thing, we share carrots!  We will show you when we come.

11.  And finally, I do like my light dressage saddle.  Mom and I trot with ease!

See you all this month!  Bring cookies and I may be able to teach you all a trick or two!!!

With horse nickers, graditutde (Thanks Marg for not giving up on me and finding this human), and love.

Your friend always,



Posted by Mary Ellen Miller on September 14, 2011 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Jag had met his new farrier today.  He was excellent.  He does have a bit of a taste for the finer things in life such as baby sweet carrots, fresh apples, and horse cookies.  He even will help himself to the horse cookies in my fanny pouch.  He is a true gentleman and takes them gently.  I have been riding him in a dressage saddle with a hackmore and you know how we thought Jag did not like to trot.  Well, he does a nice extended walk and is just getting use to leg yields. We rode him this past weekend with his sister, Tanya,an adopted blind 27 year old standardbred.   He was not quite sure what to think but did very nicely.He is lunged in a french link snaffle bit and does accept it quite well.

He almost has the bow down and will reach both sides for a horse cookies without moving!

Next week he will have a personal body work done on him to help with his tightness in his mouth.  It is called the masterson technique and I think he will get some release and will be able to accept the bit more.

If you have not guessed, I am a so proud and thankful Jag adopted me!!! he nickers for me.   He just got his own new supplements and is putting on weight.  He is a little spoiled and truly a blessing in my life.  Jag wanted me to add, thanks for finding Mary Ellen, she treats me like royality like an Arabian should be!!

Marinette county horse neglect

Posted by Mary Mullen on September 1, 2011 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Have you heard of this bunch of horses? I can't believe the police have been called out there since 2002 and only now are they pressing with charges against the owner. The cop says she got the fire department to water the horses in 2002!!