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Looking forward to a new year with our family, friends, and adopters. 

Thank you to all our wonderful adopters, volunteers, supporters, and followers!

Our Inspiration

 Come on a journey with us and just imagine.  Imagine a life behind the fence line where every day you wake up to the same thing.  A ground piled with your own defecation so much so that you cannot even move without being sucked into the ground beneath your feet.  You stare into the distance having a view of luscious green grass while you yourself cannot eat it.  You are left with nothing, nothing except a warm nuzzle from your companion who too suffers the same circumstance.  So you stand stagnant not really living but dying.  As the sun peers above the horizon you see food beyond your reach, feces piled beneath your feet, and all you can do is sip the rain water that Mother Nature so generously left behind. Every day that you are lucky enough to open your eyes you pray, as you hold your breath, that when you gaze towards your friend that they had not suffered the ultimate fate and left you behind.  You keep thinking if someone would just come open the gate, set us free.... that’s all it would take to save our life.

This is a situation that is all too often the case whether it is due to financial misfortune or plain neglect.  We at Beyond the Fence Line open gates.  We are here dedicated to those horses that are left with nothing.  We are the solution for individuals who find themselves unable to acquire the resources to take care of their equine friends any longer.  As long as there are situations in need of HOPE and JUSTICE we will work endlessly to give those horses a life “Beyond the Fence Line."                                      


Our Mission

The mission of Beyond the Fence Line Equine Rescue Inc. is to provide a program of horse rescue and/or support for physically or psychologically abused, neglected, troubled, or abandoned horses and to provide rehabilitation, retraining, and placement for horses into foster or permanent homes or into our retired horse riding and care program. Our riding and care program is designed to educate individuals on proper handling, riding, and caring techniques for horses.  In support of these efforts Beyond the Fence Line will employ and promote natural horse keeping and training methods. Beyond the Fence Line seeks to increase beneficial human and equine relationships through animal/human interaction and education.


Adopting a Horse

Many people think when buying a horse they can be purchased as bargains.  Many times they end up with: 

1) a spoiled horse - that becomes even more spoiled

2) an untrained horse – that has little chance of any useful or meaningful life

3) a horse that has been discarded after abusive hard work and is no longer sound. 

Beyond the Fence Line Equine Rescue helps people to become knowledgeable about selecting the right horse for them.


Long Term Commitment

If a horse-and-rider team does not advance and grow in their relationship, the novelty of horse ownership may soon wear off.  Teenagers get their drivers’ licenses and discover a bigger world.  Old trails become boring.  A horse can become a burden.  At BTFL we give riders the skills, goals and motivation to keep working on their partnership.  Often financial calamities, divorce, death, illness or childbirth make horse ownership problematic.  We help prepare individuals to seek a better home for their beloved companion if they cannot provide the commitment and care that the horse needs. 

Commiting to a New Life

Another factor that greatly contributes to the number of abused and neglected horses is the misguided dream of raising a foal.  Many times we hear someone excitedly proclaim that he/she has bred their mare.  Does this mare owner have the time, commitment, skills, knowledge and resources to insure that the foal can grow up to be someone’s beloved and useful companion?  Can he/she guarantee that this horse will always have compassionate and responsible care?

When humans give birth to a child, responsible parents try to insure that the child will grow up to take care of himself one day.  This cannot be said for the animal welfare of the horse.  A horse will always be dependant upon humans.  Any responsible horse breeder must be committed to not just bringing a life into the world but a life that has every chance of long-term success and happiness.  We at BTFL help individauls to understand and review their circumstances before adopting a young horse or breeding their horse. 


Education Combats Abuse

“Violence begins when knowledge ends.”
Animal abuse comes in many forms.  When a horse comes to be regarded as an extension of one’s ego or when considerable financial risk (or perception of gain) is involved, compassion is often sacrificed in the name of performance.  At Beyond the Fence Line we, as instructors, hope to offer the correct role models that demonstrate that violence is not necessary and not tolerated.  We try to help young people understand that, away from BTFL, the horse industry is not all gentle and compassionate.  We continually strive to encourage education – both in understanding horses and in giving young people alternative methods for spending their time.  We also strive to help those that have found themselves in financial despair and can no longer afford to care for their horses.  


























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