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Spirit makes A young girls DREAM COME TRUE

Posted by BTFL on October 10, 2011 at 10:15 PM

No pictures yet but I can't wait any longer to tell you the story of Spirits adoption. Faith asked me if I would mind bringing Spirit over Saturday morning. She knew of a family looking for a horse but wanted it to be a surprise. I obliged and the plan was that the little girl was coming for a lesson to be given by Faith. The little girl (Brooklyn) was also told that we wanted to be sure this horse was good with kids. Her birthday family party was Sunday. There were 2 little boys there that walked around behind Spirit, brushed her back legs, touched her flanks, Spirit didn't twitch a muscle.

Brooklyn brushed Spirit, picked up her hooves as Spirit ground ties, and then allowed us to saddle her up. She got up by herself and rode off like nobodies business. Spirit was being kind of naughty and even threw in a tiny little buck. I don't think Spirit has ever had any legs that short on her and they were probably tickling her sides! Later she squirted so I believe she was in heat and this was the reason for the buck.

Faith decided to take Brooklyn out in the woods a little ways to see how she handled her. She did great. I do believe Faith has a few things to say about what they talked about on the short ride. Well to get past all this, Brooklyn felt pretty sure that Spirit would be perfect for small kids and so we left it at that.

Courtney & Shannon decided to take Spirit home with them and await the mothers decision, stating that Spirit would not be back if Brooklyn didn't get her, they would keep her. Pending mothers decision, Spirit would be delivered Sunday during a family birthday party for Brooklyn, a real surprise! (I believe she is 9 or 10 years old and can she ever ride!)

That evening the 2 little boys rode Spirit and everyone had a blast. Sunday morning Spirit was taken to the home of Brooklyn, Brooklyn didn't see or know that a horse trailer had driven up the driveway. She was blindfolded and brought outside. We were told that once the blindfold came off Brooklyn broke into tears, hugged everyone, then walked to Spirit and hugged her.

Spirit was saddled up and did everything Brooklyn asked her to do including a bit of trot barrels. Brooklyn's sister wanted a chance to try Spirit but she said no. Dad took care of that and big sister was allowed to ride Spirit but what we were told was that Spirit didn't do anything asked of her! Brooklyn got back on her and she did everything wonderfully once again. After riding, Spirit was turned out into the paddock and big sister decided to go out and spend time with her, Spirit wanted no part of that and proceeded to walk away from her. Brooklyn went out into the paddock and Spirit walked right up to her! The best part of it all is that the sisters decided they were sleeping in the barn with their horses. (You see, big sister already had her own horse but Brooklyn didn't yet.)

We at BTFL are so very proud of Spirit for picking her person and giving a little girl a DREAM COME TRUE.

Thank you to all involved for making this happen. (Waiting for adoption day photos)


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